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Mauren Brodbeck


On a tenuous and invisible frontier Mauren resides: at the edges of being and appearing to be!

Total Artist, multisensory, multimedia explorer, she crosses lines and transgresses categories to bring us an impressive body of work, through strange autofictitious or procedural stories in which she "produces" herself. Both playing by and playing around codes, she breaks down categories with a simultaneously distressing and glamorous aesthetic that dissolves the rigidity of social representation of the individual. In the spirit of a Jeff Wall or a Richard Prince, her photographic practice is a tool for analysis and reappropriation, confrontation of the fantasised, hijacked, infinitely reproduced image with its real referent.

Ego or essence? Intimate or public? Mauren Brodbeck loves getting us lost in the meandering of her multiple memoirs by fusing temporalities in a collage of memories and anachronisms. No frontier can hold in the face of her savage energy. She allows the creative volcano, activated by the indomitable singularity of her work. And she invites us to do the same.  

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