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Loïse Eisenhart - Parallel IV

Loïse Eisenhart - Parallel IV

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Edited in 9 prints
Pattern dimensions: 40 x 60 cm
External dimensions: 46 x 66 cm
Printed on Fine Art Paper Hahnemühle

Parallel is a series of photographs taken underwater. In water, flesh adopts the same materiality as the garment covering it: supple, draped, undulating. In those photographs, the submerged bodies reflect the impossibility of the human. On the surface, a single drop of rain is enough for the face to quiver, the skin trembles and our dreaded fears resurface.

Water covers both but also magnifies them. It captures the light but lets us see the distorted reality it swallows. In these photos, water, light, bodies and garments are mixed between dread and elegance.

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